12*24inch Weighted Heating Pad

This Comfytemp weighted heating pad Inner features 2.2lb evenly distributed glass beads, which keeps the weighted heating pad in place to your body parts, providing effective soothing to your laps, shoulder, arms and back pain

Weighted Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

Our Comfytemp neck and shoulder heating pad is filled with micro-glass beads to relax your body by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged. The glass beads are evenly dispersed throughout the pad to fit your neck and shoulders better. It effectively soothes muscle tension and soreness, and instantly relieves neck, shoulder, and upper back pain

Heating Lumbar Support Pillow for Pain Relief

This heated neck pillow features a unique and innovative design, surpassing the functions of other heating pads and ordinary pillows, while giving the perfect balance between fluffy and supportive. As a throw pillow, it looks stylish for your home decoration and proves to be durable and long-lasting. This heating throw pillow gives you the most comfortable experience. Consider it a gift option for your family and friends

Features of Comfytemp Heating Pad

Heat Therapy

The heating wires are evenly dispersed throughout the pad to fit yourbody better, and offers you instant and soothing relief

Soft Flannel

The fabric is super soft to touch, which helps the heat spread evenly and provides maximum comfort for your entire body


The Comfytemp heating pad is machine-washable, just detach the controller and put into the machine. (Tips: No tumble drying)

Customer Reviews

This is easy to use and help relax my shoulders and neck.

I needed a heatig pad that would hot but also cover my shoulders and neck. This product does just that. Some people say it does not get hot enough, If you are average to slightly larger build, the heat should reach you just fine. It has kept pending tension headaches at bay and that is exactly what I needed it to do, so I love it!!

This pad is just perfect, I tried other's with vibration but the heat was not good, this one really gives the heat and with different heat setting and time setting, this works perfect for both of us!!