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Is TENS Therapy beneficial for your pain?

Is TENS Therapy beneficial for your pain?

The TENS unit is put on your skin to deliver a low-voltage electrical charge, and electrical pulses stimulate will enter the body through the pad, just like there are countless electro-acupuncture, to help relieve chronic and acute pain.

One of the biggest advantages is the fact that it’s a drug-free way to relieve pain. Therefore, TENS therapy is ideal for those who cannot take prescription pain medication or choose not to take it due to side effects.

What kind of pain can TENS relieve?

  • Back/Shoulder Pain: It can relieve shoulder and neck strain, back pain, especially for people who keep in one position for a long time, like officer staffs, drivers, housewives, etc.
  • Spinal cord injury pain. At least three studies on TENS and spinal cord injury pain have shown improvement in this difficult-to-treat pain.
  • Menstrual pain and labor pain. TENS can relieve menstrual cycle-related dysmenorrhea and back pain. It was at least as effective as other non-drug pain relief options during labor.
  • Postpartum Repair: Use it for 15 minutes a day to promote postpartum rectus abdominal contractions

How to care for your TENS unit pads

  • Clean the area with a cloth and water to remove body oils and allow the area to dry before using the pad.
  • Put the pads in the pack so they don't dry out.
  • Make sure to cool in the refrigerator after each use and apply a small amount of water to the pads before each use.

To extend the life of your TENS pads make sure you are applying them properly. We estimate 20-30 uses per pad.

Comfytemp wireless TENS unit offers 6 automated programs, 9 manual modes, and 16 intensities to meet different needs. Say goodbye to cluttered wires, you can do other things at the same time when having pain relief therapy and without worrying about the wires getting tangled or tripping over. 

Which is best for your pain? Ice or Heat?

Which is best for your pain? Ice or Heat?

Ice or heat therapy provides pain relief and reduces swelling. But how do you know which type of therapy to use at what time to help your body recover faster?


Ice Vs. Heat Therapy

  • Icetherapy is ideal for the first 48 hours when the injury is most likely going to be inflamed, swollen, and painful. It helps slow blood flow to the injury and reduces swelling.


Follow the RICE protocol to manage an injury in the early stages when swelling and pain is at their peak: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.


  • Heat therapyis good for after the initial swelling has gone down and during the recovering phase of your injury or illness. It helps increase blood flow to the injury which in turn promotes healing and reduces stiffness.


Comfytemp gel ice pack support cold and hot therapy, specially made for injuries and swelling. This ice pack can freeze quickly to give you quick results and instant relief. The filled with a professional-grade gel remains cold for longer and provides instant relief. Perfect for relaxing muscles or reducing swelling, relieving the pain of knee, shoulder, lower back, joints, waist.

Why Is It Important To Take Your Medications on Time?

Why Is It Important To Take Your Medications on Time?

Oftentimes, doctors prescribe medications that need to be taken at specific times throughout the day. Statistic tell us that over 30% to 50% of people forget to take their medicine on time.

Why is taking your medications as prescribed important?

It is essential to making sure you get the right dose at the right time and your body has an effective amount of the drug at all times. If not, this can lead to your disease getting worse and prolonging the amount of time it takes to feel better.

Here are tips that can help you remember to take your medicine on time:

  • Set an alarm so you can take your medication at the same time every day
  • Use a pill dispenser. Some smart ones will keep you on track and inform you when it’s time for your next dose.
  • Refill your pill container at the same time each week—for example, every Sunday morning after breakfast
  • When travelling, take enough of your medication, plus a few days’ extra in case your return is delayed

Comfytemp smart pill dispenser will be a good choice if you’re planning to use a pill organizer. It helps you make sure that you don’t skip or double doses by mistake. With 4 integrated alarms and flashing lights, you know exactly when to take your medication. It also comes with 7 compartments and a backup compartment for weekly use, which is perfect for your daily dose, 1 time a day.

Following these tips will help make you feel better faster. If you have questions about your medication, call your doctor or pharmacist!