How to choose the best method for your pain relief?

Ice or heat therapy provides pain relief and reduces swelling. But how do you know which type of therapy to use at what time to help your body recover faster?

Ice Vs. Heat Therapy

  • Icetherapy is ideal for the first 48 hours when the injury is most likely going to be inflamed, swollen, and painful. It helps slow blood flow to the injury and reduces swelling.

Follow the RICE protocol to manage an injury in the early stages when swelling and pain is at their peak: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

  • Heat therapyis good for after the initial swelling has gone down and during the recovering phase of your injury or illness. It helps increase blood flow to the injury which in turn promotes healing and reduces stiffness.

Comfytemp gel ice pack support cold and hot therapy, specially made for injuries and swelling. This ice pack can freeze quickly to give you quick results and instant relief. The filled with a professional-grade gel remains cold for longer and provides instant relief. Perfect for relaxing muscles or reducing swelling, relieving the pain of knee, shoulder, lower back, joints, waist.

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