Dry vs Moist Heat

There are many questions when trying to relieve pain. Should you a use cold or hot pack? Should I use dry heat vs moist heat therapy?  And for how long? If you didn't know, thermal heat therapy and moist therapy is very beneficial for lowering your pain and stiff muscles.

What is Dry Heat Good For?

Dry heat products are popular because they heat up quickly, can be less of a mess, and the heat tends to longer than moist heat packs. And dry heat can last longer than moist heat heating pads and is the easiest to apply.

What is Moist Heat Good For?

Moist heat therapy products are more likely to be recommended by experts. Not only do they not dehydrate skin, but they also increase tissue elasticity. This is perfect for patients with dry or aging skin who are concerned for skin irritation. Another important factor is that moist heat therapy penetrates deeper into the skin. This can relieve pain faster.
Benefits of Moist Heating Pads

Comfytemp heating pad features both heat and moist therapy option, which meets your different demands.